Council must rethink its position on the Energy Efficiency Directive

Posted by efficiency1st on 07/05/12

Throw a frog into boiling water, the story goes, and it will jump out. But if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated it will not perceive the danger and will be boiled to death. This is just what is happening to the draft Energy Efficiency Directive. Each successive amendment from the [...]

Member States creative accounting to meet energy saving targets vol.1

Posted by efficiency1st on 27/03/12

Member States are rightly shunned by their peers for getting creative with budget deficit figures. So why is there so much support from national governments to apply the same methods to the EU’s draft Energy Efficiency Directive? Leaked documents from European Council meetings show that at least 12 out of 27 Member States are seeking [...]

The ups and downs of EU energy efficiency policy rss

We’re not sure what words first spring to mind when you hear “energy efficiency”, but we bet “exciting” isn’t one of them. Yet that’s exactly what it is – or rather what the benefits of meeting Europe’s 2020 energy efficiency target would be. According to the EU Commission (not much given to producing exciting numbers) we could all be saving 1000 € per household every year if Europe’s energy use was brought down by 20%. Not bad… We’d also be cutting back energy imports – a smart move given the EU’s burgeoning dependence – and giving CO2 emissions a real hit. All experts agree this is possible. The question is: why isn’t more being done? And what needs to be done? Follow our blog for some of the answers. more.