The ups and downs of EU energy efficiency policy


We’re not sure what words first spring to mind when you hear “energy efficiency”, but we bet “exciting” isn’t one of them. Yet that’s exactly what it is – or rather what the benefits of meeting Europe’s 2020 energy efficiency target would be. According to the EU Commission (not much given to producing exciting numbers) we could all be saving 1000 € per household every year if Europe’s energy use was brought down by 20%. Not bad… We’d also be cutting back energy imports – a smart move given the EU’s burgeoning dependence – and giving CO2 emissions a real hit. All experts agree this is possible. The question is: why isn’t more being done? And what needs to be done? Follow our blog for some of the answers.

Who we are:

Brook Riley has been part of Friends of the Earth Europe’s climate and energy team for the past 15 months. Before that, he was a consultant working on renewable energies and electricity grids in Brussels, the UK and France.




Erica Hope has led Climate Action Network’s work on energy savings since 2009. Prior to that she spent five years at the European Parliament advising Green MEP Caroline Lucas on EU climate and environment policy issues.






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